To our oversea guests

At Yumiso, you can realize what you have been dreaming to do in Japan.

We are happy to help you in any way we can.

You can...

Take photos in kimono,

Experienve Japanese style wedding like the ones you see in Japanese TV dramas,

Enjoy a tea ceremony,

Learn Japanese style cooking,

Just relax in the Japanese style tatami mat room,

Enjoy mikan & kotatsu in winter or watermelon and fireworks in the summer...


Or, just be creative!

All plans are up to you!


Reference price:

Kimono wearing and tea ceremony w/ professional photo (3hrs) :  15000 yen/ person

Shopping in local market and cooking lunch together (3hrs) :  3000 yen + shopping fee/ person

Relaxing summer evening with fireworks and sake tasting platter (3hrs) :  3000 yen / person


Contact us for your dream come true experience!    Contact page


<<Attention>>  To our Air Bnb guests

Due to the change in the local regulations of Kobe city (see below), 

Yumiso cannot be listed in Air Bnb site after 15th June, 2018...

We appologize for your inconvenience. 

Still, we are not willing to shut out our dear friends that have shown interest and reserved to stay in Yumiso.

Please contact us through the contact page below if you want to keep your reservation after June 15.
We will reply with the new reservation procedures.

Contact page

Your reservations on the Air Bnb site will be canceled to save you from being charged double,
and we are to reserve the prices promised at the Air Bnb site (though slight differences may occur due to the calculation of the service fee charged by Air bnb).

We appologize again for your inconvenience. We are looking forward to seeing you still! 


Tomomi Tanaka
Owner of Yumiso

*About the regulations concerning Air Bnb in Kobe
Unlike other parts of Japan, where vacation rentals will be certified after some registration procedures, City of Kobe (and few other cities) have completely forbidden vacation rentals in "Areas exclusive for residential use." That is, short time tourists will no longer have any access to a real "home" in the city of Kobe. Since Yumiso is located in such a "residential area" and that was what made Yumiso unique and attractive, it will be difficult for us to be certified and be able to keep aour listing in Air Bnb.